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Today is Wednesday, 18 October, 2017, and the time is 23:10:28 hundred hours.

This LZS page is for posting reunion Information for your unit or group.
Big group? Small Group? It don't mean nothin'.

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Event: (example) Reunion: 326th Med Battalion, 101st ABN
Unit: (example) 326th Med Battalion, 101st Airborne Div
Location: (example) 1008 Lake Street Holliday Inn
DATE: (example) Nov10 - No
Time: 1400hours, at the lobby
Contact Person: Doc Cutter
Contact email & phone: 658 326-3263
Extra Notes: (example) Mention 1st brigade to whoever's on duty at the hotel for discount. 12 rooms reserved so far. Maintained Snack Bar in Room 104 Plenty on nearby restaurants. It'll be a hoot
Cost: $85 per night for two people

Event: (test entry) 321st Arty Texas Reunion
Unit: (testing) 321st Arty 101st Airborne Div.
Location: (testing) Bates Motel, 321 Route 66, Austin Tx
DATE: 11/16/2017
Time: Starts @ 2 PM
Contact Person: Paul Lanyard
Contact email & phone: 693 321-3213
Extra Notes: It's gonna be a goat ropin' party for five days. Of course you can bring your own favorite drinks, but beer and wine will be available at the venue. All 321 personnel are invited, and bring your partners. Hell yeah! Stand by for changes.
Cost: Motel Rooms $400 5 nights, two people